With all the rage about blogs and making a living from them, there’s no surprise that there is a growing interest for everyone to add it in their bucket list. But what most people are unable to grasp about blogging, at least with earning in mind, is that a blog shouldn’t be just another entry in a bucket list. It should merit its own extensive list. One that has a top priority over other to-do lists. Any blog that is an afterthought shouldn’t really hope of breaking even for its cost of maintenance. Here are some important things under a blog checklist that every aspiring blogger should have when starting from scratch.


1. A niche

Having a niche is an absolute must. There’s no going around this. Sure, a personal blog might just work. But all those musings and personal journey will only work if the blog owner is already famous, to begin with. Audiences won’t feel the need to visit a blog about some random person’s weekend escapade. There’s probably going to be a few hits, but it’s unlikely to retain a solid following because of its mishmash nature. 

2. A platform

To start a blog, there has to be a space in the digital space for the blog. This is referred to as hosting. But aside from finding a reliable host for the files and keeping the blog up and running, the blog owner should also consider services that will make their blogs functional. Hosts are just that - hosts - until the owner of those files utilize third party content management systems or the host’s built-in features.

3. A thick hide

Any adult who has spent a considerable amount of time on the World Wide Web know that the Internet is not a friendly place. There’s a fair share of friendly and sane people for sure. But trolls and toxic people will probably overshadow them by virtue of their loudness and resilience in commenting nonsense. Don’t let this get in the way of success. There are critics worth listening to. Use their input to improve. But don’t bother dwelling on toxic comments. They’re pretty easy to spot. Even for a first website attempt.


4. Financing

Don’t let internet business ventures fool you. Be prepared to spend for operational expenses if the goal is to succeed. Heck, even passive income streams require considerable investments in order to start earning. With regards to blogging, the upkeep of a blog’s hosting and domain name registration will be the primary expenses. Beyond that, there’s the option for hiring marketing experts who can tweak the blog into becoming more visible to its target audience. Don’t go in blind - allocate the right amount to keep the blog running while it’s still not earning.

5. A marketing strategy

While content is indeed king, there’s more to running a blog than just keeping it updated. Basic things like simple blog template to implement impacts a blog’s overall appeal, for example. These are things that can be learned along the way, so be prepared to invest time to learn them.